Linocut Prints

Each card is an original hand printed from my carved linoleum blocks

For any information, or to place an order, please send a message!
girl 032 fix  DJ Owl 026 fix  Racoon Base 001 fix  Cottage Radio
012 fix  Cello and Chair 013 fix  Cello Waves 008 fix  Dragon Fly and Thistle 014 fix  On the High Seas
015 fix  Windmill of the Netherlands 018 fix  Kite and Boat 029 fix  Cat in the woods martinblack2  Newfoundland Martin
hermitcrab  Hermit Crab 027 fix  Snowy Owl 017 fix  Newfoundland Puffins 011 fix2  Newfoundland Puffin
022 fix  Winter Warrior 007 fix2  Snow Cat 010 fix  Merry Cycling 016 fix  The Happy Nutcracker
009 fix  Partridge in a Pear Tree